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The management team of Sheenly Lighting has worked in Fortune Top 500 companies, as technical leader and expert in LED industry for many years. Sheenly Lighting(led panel light) management has professional experience and acknowledge for the world's LED lighting development. With passion and professional talents, Sheenly is eager to be the world famous sustainable lighting solution provider. Respecting personality, encouraging innovation, strict but human-oriented sprit is the core of Sheenly management system.

The founder and also the Chief Engineer of Sheenly Lighting, Mr. Jeff Bi, graduated from University of Oxford, UK, and earned his Master degree in Optoelectronic engineering under professor Edward Peter Raynes' instruction, who is the inventor of the LCD, a Fellow of St Cross College in Oxford and has been the chief scientist of Sharp Laboratories. Before establishing Sheenly Lighting, Jeff worked in an American Fortune Top 500 company as technical leader for many years.