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Congratulations on Sheenly Lighting start a new milestone

Carrying the expectations of all our staff and customer’s warm wishes, Sheenly Lighting move into its new headquarters located at 1688 Lane Lian Hang Road No.22, and held a housewarming ceremony early in the morning on September 18th. On the site, with gorgeous flowers, laughter, all participants were bathed in a festive atmosphere. After the ceremony, Mr. Jeff Bi, the general manager of Sheenly Lighting Co., Ltd made a brief while inspiring speech that with the new headquarters being set up, it witness Sheenly’s determination to build a better platform for long-term lighting business development, it also brings further opportunities for our growth and development. Sheenly Lighting will stand at a new starting point, further forge ahead, and meet new challenges. As understood by our long-term partners, all of this not come in a easy way. Sheenly highly appreciate the continuous support from our partners and customers from all over the world. Here, Sheenly want to pay special thanks for all of our distributor partners who keep working with Sheenly in the local market. To help customers grow and development has always being our priority, let’s work together for the promising future!