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Home ProjectsShanghai NTN Corp. factory

SHEENLY High Temperature Highbay solved the lighting puzzle for NTN

NTN(China)Investment Corporation's affiliated company, Shanghai NTN Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has replaced its lighting lamps by Sheenly new innovative High temperature Highbay, which is launched in this June in NTN's 200,000 m2 workshop.  

The main products of NTN factory are all kinds of bearings for engine, machine tools and railway vehicle. The temperature of the workshop is up to +58. The usual LED highbay's working temperature is just +40 and the damage rate is high. On the other hand, the workshop ceiling is high, maintenance and replacement is time-consuming, which seriously affects the production efficiency of the factory.  

SHEENLY's new high temperature Highbay can work under -10 - +60 and has excellent performance through the strict test. SHEENLY high temperature Highbay has been recommended to NTN Shanghai factory and been approved by NTN. High temperature Highbay has been successfully applied in NTN high temperature heat treatment workshop and grinding, polishing workshop, the total areas are nearly 100,000O. These high temperature Highbays will help to save 70% energy consumption and maintenance cost for NTN Shanghai factory, and greatly improve the production efficiency. SHEENLY high temperature Highbay also won praise from the chairman of Shanghai NTN, Isao Ozako, the chairman said: "SHEENLY the high temperature Highbay not only help NTN achieve steady growth, and it's good for saving energy, reducing the energy consumption. We are very honored to be able to use the lamp of leading technology in the LED lighting industry in NTN Shanghai factory.